While Zip Dee makes a full line of awnings for all types of vehicles and trailers, certain models and features are a special benefit for the needs on Emergency Vehicles.

The manual patio awning is designed for installation on absolutely flat side vehicles of any type. Each awning is custom-made to your specifications to within 1/4" up to 23'. The matching support hardware comes in three height ranges so that the overall installation range is from 62-1/2" to 82-1/2". The installation range is the span between the awning rail (the track to which the awning fabric is attached usually mounted at the roof line of the coach) to the awning arm hinge (the main awning support which is fastened to the structure of the vehicle off the floor line).       
                          (for more information, please see our Patio Awning page)

Additional choices for the patio awning, in addition to mounting height and awning width, are fabric type and color and finish of the aluminum. Our standard fabric is a woven acrylic by Sunbrella®.  We can also make your awning out of WeatherMax FR, a flame resistant acrylic fabric. The aluminum finish is available in either bright or satin.

The two optional items especially useful with emergency type vehicles are the Slide Bar and the Lift Handle. The Slide Bar attaches to the vehicle and allows the main support arm to be slid upward and locked into position higher on the vehicle than possible in the initial mounting for an obstruction-free workspace along the vehicle. The Slider Bar can be made in any length up to 29". You choose the size needed for any particular installation based on the initial ground to hinge height that would enable the arms to be slid high enough to get the clear working space.                                                               (Slide Bar page)

The Lift Handles are suggested only to keep the awning cleaner. Typically the user pushes against the roller tube (with the fabric attached) to raise the awning. However, in a working environment, user's hands are often covered with grime and the awning will soon look pretty bad. By providing Lift Handles at each end, the user can use the handles to extend the awning and never touch the fabric.
                                                                              (Lift Handles page)

If you are more interested in an electric awning, we can offer our new Zip Dee Relax, or our Century Awning.  Both offer many fine qualities.  The Zip Dee Relax is a fully-electric 12 volt awning version of our Patio Awning.  The Century Lateral Arm Awning is a 110volt automatic cassette-style awning which is intended to be mounted on the roof of the vehicle.  

                                                                             (Zip Dee Relax page)
                                                         (Century Lateral Arm Awning page)

As if all this isn’t enough, we’ll even go a few stitches further. We can customize your awning or other accessories by embroidering or silk screening your name, monograms, RV club, company logo or any other logo onto the fabric. Go to our Embroidering and Silk Screening page for samples.

For a listing of all of our regular priced and discounted fabrics, please visit our Standard and Vintage Fabrics  page
                                                      For all colors visit  www.sunbrella.com

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