Awning Helper

Additional Reach For Safe Operation

The Awning Helper provides the assistance you need to safely and easily position or disengage the rafter arm on your Zip Dee awning during setup. With this additional four feet of helpful reach, you will never again have to rely on a step stool or ladder. The long handle and positive gripping action make short work of an awkward task, especially if you have a taller coach. Simply roll the awning down, using the hook end of the Awning Helper, the cushioned grip provides steady control. Then use the cradle end in a pivoting action to release the rafter arm, and glide it into position.

The Awning Helper is made of chrome-plated steel and comes completely assembled with easy to follow instructions. To prevent any scratching, the cradle and hook are rubber-coated. A two-piece extra long version is also available providing six feet of helpful reach. 

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