Century Automatic House Awning

The leading name in quality RV awning products takes its reputation and experience to a new level and offers it to you at your home.

Shade your play or rest area as easy as turning on a light, just push a button to open or close. Control options include remote and wall switch operation as well as an automatic control that will close the awning if wind conditions increase to unsafe levels.

With mounting brackets, the awning needs 5-1/2″ of overhead clearance and is 9-1/2″ deep. The awning can be mounted anywhere that suitable structural support is located. A variety of installation options permit placement on fascias, eaves, or on a roof. The self-contained weather-resistant storage will blend with your home and protect the awning in winter. Your Century Awning will look great opened or closed!


Available in lengths from 8′ 3″ to 22′ 11-1/2″. The 5′ extension is the awning of choice for balconies and for placement over windows.


Available in lengths from 13′ 1″ to 22′ 11-1/2″. The 10′ extensions along with the 12′ are perfect for patios and decks. 


Available in lengths from 13′ 1″ to 22′ 11-1/2″. The extensions 12′ extensions 12′ are perfect for patios and decks.


Easy Setup
Using standard 120-volt electricity that your home is already wired for, you can install the Century Automatic House Awning to your home in one afternoon. Zip Dee strives to be the highest quality house awning available.
The Century Automatic House Awning uses only Sunbrella® Brand fabrics. Sunbrella® is the top manufacturer of high-quality water-resistant acrylic fabrics in the world. With our awnings, you will get your choice of over 150 different colors and patterns.
Quality Motors
We use only Nice brand motors in our awnings. Their experience and reputation in the industry cannot be ignored. These 120-volt motors are designed specifically for use in the retractable awnings and were chosen because they are the only motor that can be retracted manually in case of power failure.



For a listing of all our regular priced and discounted fabrics, please visit our Standard Colors Listing.


We can customize your awning or other accessories by embroidering or silk screening your name, monograms, RV club, company logo, or any other logo onto the fabric. Go to our Embroidering and Silk Screening page for samples.

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